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The New Us...

Marik Vash a posted Apr 27, 14


     As it was originally put: "We are a roleplay guild founded on a concepts of family and friends; born in the ‘Trooper Boot Camp’ threads in the Trooper forums at the official SW:ToR site. We are a light-hearted bunch of roleplayers who found common fun in our style of writing, deciding that a guild should be formed to house our growing base of comrades.  Thus, the 'Republic Special Forces: Local 1138' was born."


     It wasn’t long after this point that we went on to become the "Spark of Hope” and the "Scions of Order” – two distinct sister guilds, formed on our principles of friends, family, roleplay, and fun.  This was the identity we held ever since 2008 as we continued to grow our bonds with each other and hone our craft.  Together, we set foot in Star Wars: The Old Republic – waging wars across the galaxy that still inspires our roleplay to this day.


     As time grew on, however, as members joined and left, and as we moved away from Star Wars: The Old Republic, the decision came down through the leading Council that a change of environment was in due order.  While games, like members, appeared and disappeared with the years the core of us remained, tightly bonded and strengthened by the passage through time.  Our shared interests and experiences kept us coming back each day.


     We realized that it wasn’t a single game that kept us together – but the roleplaying community and bonds we had formed with each other.  We came to realize that, as we had evolved, so too must our focus.  Today, we are a multi-game guild, ranging from our original home in Star Wars: The Old Republic, to The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, Star Trek Online, and most recently: The Elder Scrolls Online.  Yet while our interests come and go with time, our founding principles have always remained the same…


For friends…

For family...

For fun!

Whoops, I missed this. -- Hey there, BBP. Ayup. We're still all here. Trucking right along. :thumb:
It is good to see you guys are still together and enjoying RP.
<---- BBP
How are you guys?